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Online Exam HelpD. Department of Community Health quiz help Environmental MedicineSchool of Medicine, Odense University, DenmarkPathological Institute, Odense UniversityUmea University, SwedenThere are two ways that the increased chemical levels present in cancer sufferers may be contributing examination help their ailment by contributing exam help the damage of the genes concerned in controlling cell growthsince cancer is the result of an uncontrolled growth of cells, andby weakening the immune system of the particular person, thereby allowing the cancer examination help grow faster than the bodys capacity exam help remove it via cancer combating immune cells. Keep in mind that these chemical substances themselves may or is probably not the direct explanation for the cancer, as there’s other chemical substances or instances that can have steadily contributed exam help the weakening of the americans genetic structure. However, increased levels of these chemical substances could accelerate the onset or growth of any cancer by either of the above two mentioned mechanisms. Exposure examination help the DDT breakdown product DDE can come from exam help variety of sources including commercially grown food for instance 19% of common chemically grown lettuce contains DDT according exam help Florida Department of Agriculture figures, as DDT is still used in much of foreign grown produce. Another exposure source could come from living near exam help citrus grove, as the arguable pesticide Kelthane which contains DDT as an unintentional by product is still inexcusably used today in orange quiz help grapefruit groves.